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Destination: Imagination, hosted by Checkers The Inventor, is an exceptional program for libraries that your patrons will remember long after Checkers leaves! 

Created and written by Checkers the Inventor, this 45 minute program motivates children to read and tell their own stories! Being an author himself, Checkers knows the power of reading. Reading has taken Checkers from a kid with big dreams to a popular entertainer who has preformed at The White House and eventually an author himself! 

Checkers is also an accomplished entertainer. He brings a unique blend of comedy and magic, to provide an original and amazing show. The children will fall in love with Checkers unbelievable inventions and his robot sidekick, Snoozer.

Our program features:

- Comedy

- Juggling

- Magic

- Unicycling

- Checkers Giant Balloon Stunt

- Much More!

Checkers will also promote the library an its amazing services. The children will leave the show throughally entertained and excited to get out and start reading! 

show outside.jpg

Performance Includes: •Educational Facts, Games, and Challenges •Fun Characters •Audience Participation •Comedy •Magic •Juggling

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