"The Healthy Plan" health show is fun, engaging, informational, and promotes healthy choices to kids in a format that they can understand and embrace.  Fantastic!

-Jennifer Herko 

School Counselor

ON-BOCES, Roy-Hart Learning Center

- Staying ProperlyHydrated By Drinking Enough Water

- Getting The Proper Amount Of Sleep

- Understanding “Health Blockers’ Than Can Prevent Good Health

- Making Good, Healthy Choices

- Improving diet

- Proper Exercise And Physical Activity

Your Students Will Learn About:

Dr. Dan brings a one of a kind educational adventure featuring the importance of creating and living a healthy lifestyle.


The Healthy Plan, hosted by Dan Daniel Hamilton M.D., educates student to making good, healthy choices, including tips and tricks to being and staying healthy by living a healthy lifestyle.


This assembly covers the core elements of living a healthy lifestyle. Through interactive games, demonstrations, and challenges, Dr. Dan shares his 5 Tips for a Healthy Life to inspire students to make their health a priority and work to improve and maintain it daily.

Dr. Dan cut.png

Bonus: Checker’s Health Tracker: Each student and faculty member a will be given access to our healthy lifestyle chart at the conclusion of the performance. This chart tracks their ability to follow the 5 healthy topics introduced in the 45 minute presentation to record and monitor their healthy choices and personal progress.

Our upcoming children's book will serve as a direct tie-in to this program. We proudly donate a copy of Checker’s book to every school booking this assembly. Students will also have an opportunity to purchase their own copy of the book to take home with them. The book is intended to further develop student's interest and commitment to making good, positive choices and living a healthy lifestyle.


Learning Objectives: Understanding the importance and benefits of good health, making good, healthy food choices, additional contributors to a healthy lifestyle including getting the proper amounts of sleep, staying hydrated, getting the right amount of physical activity, and understanding “Health Blockers” that can prevent a healthy lifestyle, and more.