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Checkers the Inventor is an educational presenter dedicated to serving the K-12 school market with educational presentations and performances delivered in a fun, interactive, and entertaining format that makes student learning fun, while creating greater retention and takeaways.
Studies have shown that learning through entertainment creates greater interest, retention, recall, and impact from students. This results in longer attention spans and a greater investment from the students. Our Multi-Media formats utilize this approach to education and learning which includes our live performances, our book series, an online video channel, feature television and media segments, a board game, our interactive website, our Early Learning Series, and a popular fan club creating an impact reaching far beyond just our live appearances.


Checkers and Dr. Dan team up for a one of a kind educational adventure featuring tips and tricks to being healthy

Checkers brings a new spin on character education that will bring maximum engagement and impact for students!

Your students will be taken on a reading road trip as they learn about Checkers journey from a student reader to a published author!

Checkers and Snoozer prepare to go to the Moon! They must use STEM concepts in order to have a safe trip.

Checkers and Snoozer bring a truly unique Halloween themed adventure with special Halloween safety tips.

This incredibly fun and memorable performance will bring the house down at any school fun night or fundraiser!

*All of our educational programs include downloadable Teacher's Notes including program overview, pre and post event exercises, discussions, activies, and more for continued education.


Let Us Bring Our Fun and Interactive Programs and Performances To Your School

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